Why Us

How to Make the Right Choice in a World of Metal Stamping Companies.
There are many companies vying for your metal stamping business. How can you sort through the sales literature and marketing hype to decide which company you can trust to meet your critical business objectives? Start with the basics.
Ask yourself which company has the most experience in your project field. Barlow provides over 30 years of diversified metal stamping know-how. Aerospace. Electronics and electrical hardware. Military. Our resume includes thousands of projects across dozens of industries.
We're seasoned veterans in almost every conceivable strip or sheet, ferrous or nonferrous, blanking or formable metal, in a wide range of types, sizes, and shapes. We work with alloys, exotic raw materials, cold-rolled materials, and are experts in basic and progressive tools and dies. There are very few assignments that will make us flinch.
When you turn to Barlow, rest assured we'll approach your work from a position of understanding - without the learning curve that can slow you down and add up costs. It's a key Barlow advantage.
Seek the company that considers you a partner - and not simply another project. Let's face it: any manufacturer can churn out parts to make a quick profit. But we know that the long term success of our business and yours depends on a mutual commitment to professional work and a quality product.
We like to start right up front - in the design stage - where our engineers can make suggestions to lower production costs, maximize product performance, and improve your bottom line. In fact, it's the expertise of our design engineers, tool makers, and manufacturing personnel that sets us apart in the competitive world of metal stamping.
The alliance formed between our staff and yours will go a long way to ensure the overall success of your finished component. But no matter where we pick up in the process, you're assured to be part of a team of professionals that are eager to tackle your roughest challenges - and provide great results.
Consider the company that is comfortable with any volume assignment - from prototyping to full-scale production. Sometimes all you need is a prototype to prove out a new design. And at other times, you need a company that can deliver millions of parts - on time and on budget. Barlow is equipped for both.
We can help you develop pre-production components to assist in your product development. And, from prototypes, we can quickly ramp up to high-volume production.
At Barlow, whatever the assignment, whatever the quantity, we're ready.
Choose the company where "full service" really stands for something. Barlow has the resources to take your assignment from initial design through prototyping, production, heat-treating, plating, painting, and assembly. In short: the whole process.
Our turnkey offering streamlines production, optimizes delivery, and keeps your costs down.
Select the company where "quality" is more than a word, but fundamental to its operations. At Barlow, we adhere to the highest quality standards. Quality is not an afterthought - it's built into the entire process right from the design stage. It's also a way of life for our entire staff. In addition, all of our tools are custom-made and maintained in house. We don'[t contract out for the work you pay us to do. It's the only way to absolutely ensure the quality you're counting on.
We'd welcome the opportunity to personally show you the standards and technologies we have in place to maintain the critical dimensional and performance characteristics of your components. Just give us a call to arrange and appointment.
Go with the company that will give you an honest quote - and won't "nickel and dime" you down the road. We're proud of our reputation for "aerospace quality at commercial prices." Our philosophy is to give you the very best production value for your money. It’s that simple. And we won't low-ball a quote just to get you in the door. Or surprise you with extra charges during production. It's just not the Barlow way of doing business.
Discover the Barlow advantage for yourself. There's a lot more we'd like to tell you about our company and its tradition for producing great products for our customers. And we're eager to give you a quote on your next project.
To get started, just call (860) 583-1387. We look forward to applying our people and resources to give you the highest-quality products, on-time and on-budget - and contribute to the success of your business.  

The Advantage is Yours.